IRIS T1000 - Taking Secure Identification to the Next Level

Introducing the compact and versatile tablet, an alternative to desktop full-page passport readers, that combines world class biometric scanning capability with built-in ICAO compliant and ePassport and ID card readers for complete credential acquisition/reading capabilities, plus enhanced usability and robustness to ensure seamless enrolment, verification and identification on the spot. 

Suitable for civil registration and elections, time & attendance, border control, on-board flight verification, criminal identification and many more applications that requires identification checks and verification.

  • 8" touchscreen tablet with LCD screen
  • Optical fingerprint sensor
  • 5 MP camera with single LED for face capture, 1D/2D barcode and MRZ reading
  • Contact smart card reader
  • Contactless smart card and e-passport reader
  • 3G, LAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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