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16 August 2018

IRIS Goes Beyond Identity at Global Security Expo Philippines
Inventor of the World’s 1st Multi-function National eID shares insights for citizen identification in a modern and connected world

MANILA, Philippines. August 16, 2018 - IRIS Corporation (IRIS), inventor of the World’s 1st multi-function smart card national eID, has been bridging the gap between identity security and technology for over 20 years. Malaysian-grown IRIS is ready to support all its South-East Asian neighbours in moving forward with digitising citizen identification through tested and proven National eID solutions.

IRIS draws from more than 20 years of eID experience in developing and integrating security features, benchmarking on the latest security technologies and software to create highly secure and distinctive eIDs loaded with overt, covert and forensic security elements, electronic features – cryptographic capabilities of the embedded IC and chip for proving authenticity.

Aside from serving as a proof of identity, multi-functional eID cards are commonly used for gaining access to services and benefits granted by the government, application for passports and driver’s license, admission to hospitals and schools, bank and payment-related transactions, and voting during elections.

In October 2016, the Government of Senegal selected IRIS to implement the first ECOWAS Biometric eID with voter card for its citizens. IRIS was able to seamlessly deploy Senegal’s highly secure biometric ID and voter card in just four months, thanks to IRIS’ focused efforts to implement the best-in-class identity solution for Senegal.

Khaled Ahmed Adel El-Sherief, Director of Sales IRIS Corporation said, “IRIS has been at the heart of the secure identification industry since our inception in 1994 and innovation remains key to our success. Our successes in deploying National eID schemes demonstrates our continuing ability to keep producing world-class products & solutions that enrich the lives of citizens across the world.”

Although globalization and use of the internet have resulted in greater mobility and flexibility, the world faces increasing threats from document fraud and identity theft. At IRIS, we support governments around the world by providing the right secure solutions to this challenge; leading technology paired with competent and responsible consultation tailored to the specific national and international requirements aimed at protecting the identity of citizens.