At IRIS, we design, develop and manufacture multi-application smart cards and ePassport components for use in identification, ticketing, electronic purse, credit/debit, access control and other applications where the highest level of security is required.

To ensure a winning edge in the never-ending race between security and fraud, IRIS has created a trusted national identification range of secure, durable, innovative and tamper-proof credentials and open and proprietary operating systems that ensure you will always be one step ahead. Our product portfolio starts from entry level electronic identification devices to security-evaluated multi-application and multi-interface documents for ID, travel, driving, voting and healthcare by adopting the latest national and international regulations and technological standards.


National IDs

Travel Documents

IRIS supports governments around the world by providing secure electronic national ID cards to increase citizen protection, thus contributing to more effective and better controlled identity checking. The electronic format of these cards means that, in addition to being used for identification and verification purposes, they can also be employed as access cards to corporate infrastructure or secure locations, as well as social security cards and, in some countries, as drivers’ licenses, healthcare cards, transit cards, payment cards or even bank cards.


Regardless of whether an electronic or standard passport is required, whether it is personalised on an inkjet printer or by laser engraving – IRIS is able to match the different needs of governments all over the world with our own uniquely tailored passports. We offer the full complement of passport components including the highly secure laser-engravable Polycarbonate (PC) data page (ePage), electronic inlay (eInlay), electronic label (eLabel), electronic inlay with cover (eCover) and the operating system for electronic travel documents.


Driver Licenses

Voter IDs

IRIS drivers’ licenses incorporate microprocessors that securely store the drivers’ data, protecting citizens against identity theft. In addition, they contain key information in both visible and readable forms, enabling driver’s data to be scanned rapidly during traffic checks, administrative processes or simply when hiring a car. Checks on the driver’s history can also be performed, and may help to reduce the number of road accidents.


In most countries, Voter ID is required as a form of identification in order to vote or receive a ballot for an election. Hence at IRIS, we provide IRIS Voters’ ID cards, which act as secure carriers for voters’ record to ensure a successful election and minimising the record’s duplication. With electronic Voters’ ID cards, a voter’s identity can be easily verified and authenticated and all these data are protected by advanced encryption algorithms stored in the chip of the smart card.


Subsidy IDs

Security Design & Printing

With IRIS’ subsidy solution, governments can deliver the right aid to the right people at the right time, effectively. Through judicious use of business modelling, data security management, biometrics, smart card technology and cryptography, IIRS’ subsidy solutions enables governments to deliver assistance in a timely and secure manner. Since our solution is flexible and customisable, the solution can b integrated with existing national ID, with mobile devise and customised kiosks.


In today’s world, it is important to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters, especially with important ID documents. Hence, our specialised and professional designers in the Card Security Unit use the latest software and technologies to create highly secure and distinctive designs with a choice of overt, covert or forensic security elements: Microtext, Guilloche, special tone for images, UV images, relief patterns, Rainbow printing, colour change printing, Ghost images, CLI, MLI and tactile laser effect.