We have developed a multi-tier software architecture called IDenCraft that supports our state-of-the-art secure identification solutions.

IDenCraft is a comprehensive, adaptable and easy-to-deploy secure document management system that integrates security, inventory, workflow and lifecycle requirements, enhancing security, efficiency and convenience of a wide range of trusted national identification functions. Highly flexible and customisable, IDenCraft solutions enable the enrolment, production and issuance of secure trusted national identification such as national identity cards, ICAO-compliant ePassports, Drivers’ License cards, visas and other secure national documents.




Uniquely Designed National eID Card Solution

IDenSphere offers a comprehensive national eID card lifecycle management that manage the secure issuance of the card from production, enrolment, personalisation to issuance of the card. Each IDenSphere solution is uniquely designed and built with a modular and scalable architecture deployed in large-scale and complex ID systems.


Proven Secure ePassport Solution

IDenPass360, deployed in the world’s first ePassport in Malaysia (1998), provides our client with the extensive Passport Lifecycle Management System (PLMS) that securely deliver enrolment, issuance and verification solutions for ePassport. IDenPass360, developed according to ICAO standard and LDS 2.0 ready, can be tailored to the individual needs of each country which also includes the integration of an AFIS (automated fingerprint identification system) and the implementation of a biometric database.




Intelligent Border Control Management Solution

IDenGate is an intelligent border control management system (BCMS) that combines smart eGates, manned counters and mobile border control options for efficient multi-document reading and imaging. Armed with scalable, extensible architecture, IDenGate seamlessly automates and accelerates border crossings. The technology has been proven to be efficient in maintaining secure border control globally, by reading, cross-checking and authenticating millions of passports, visas and other travel documents.


Efficient Vehicle Registration, Driving License & Road Tax Solution

IDenDrive is a secure, robust and cost-effective solution that effectively manages registration and licensing of vehicles and drivers as well as road tax for transport authorities who intend to provide high quality service to the public with good returns on investment.




Transparent & Error-free eVoting Solution

IDenVote, a secure eVoting solution, helps to ensure fair voting by establishing a database of registered voters to support the management of constituency borders, and the preparation of workstations and personnel for polling, while providing irrefutable evidence of voter attendance. IDenVote prevents duplicate or phantom voting by simplifying and streamlining the management of millions of voters using biometrics, mobile set-ups, durable identity documents and geographical information systems (GIS).


Electronic Payment Solution

IDenPurse is a convenient and reliable solution that stores cash value on the chip of the card as well as enables highly secure transations and management of ePurse for electronic and mobile payment. It is flexible yet powerful enough to perform multiple applications for retail, public transport and secure access systems.


Certificates Digitised

IRIS' Innovative IDenCert allows immediate verification of certificate authencity using high level security technology including Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and unique digital signature. Our solution is user-friendly, saves time and simple to deploy. Not only does IDenCert overcome the issue of counterfeit educational certificates, employers are able to quickly and easily validate the authencity of IDenCert certificates.