With our expertise in trusted identification, payment and transportation solutions, IRIS leveraged on our experienced solutions team to develop other innovative trusted security solutions such as access control, stadium security, IDenCert, eGovernment services, and ePayroll Solutions. Our flexible, customisable and expandable solutions provide the agility needed to operate today and in the future.


Access Control Solution

Stadium Security System

IRIS provides comprehensive access control solution from access control identification cards to biometrics identification readers to safely secure your premises, assets and networks. IRIS’ access control solution supports numerous form factors including smart cards, RFID wristbands and mobile devices. In addition to providing a safe and secure environment, our solution delivers unobtrusive, personalised access control using sophisticated biometrics technology to enhance the security of your facilities and people.


IRIS’ security solution for stadiums ensures a positive, seamless visitor experience while protecting tens of thousands of people in the stadium. We provide comprehensive stadium security system solutions that include member card issuance, ticketing, access control and intelligent screening while supporting various form factors including RFID wristbands, cards and mobile devices. Our intelligent screening system provides monitoring, real time alert, facial recognition and various analytical reports.



eGovernment Solution

IRIS’ innovative IDenCert allows immediate verification of certificate authenticity using high level security technology including Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and unique digital signature. Our solution is user-friendly, saves time and simple to deploy. Not only does IDenCert overcome the issue of counterfeit educational certificates, employers are able to quickly and easily validate the authenticity of IDenCert certificates.

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IRIS eGovernment solution enables citizens to access secure and efficient eGovernment services at their fingertips anytime, anywhere. At IRIS, we take a citizen-centric approach when developing eGovernment solution to ensure that it’s user-friendly, inclusive and reliable. We deliver the highest possible level of online security using Public Key Infrastructures (PKI).


ePayroll Solution

e-Health Solution

IRIS’ ePayroll is a solution which fully automates and streamlines the payroll function giving governments and organisations a solution that saves time, effort, and money. Our highly secure ePayroll solution is scalable and customisable to deliver a reliable world-class ePayroll solution.


IRIS offers total secure, innovative and traceable e-Health solution to governments and health care professionals. Our efficient and effective e-Health solution uses biometric technology to authenticate users’ identities and professionals’ accreditation. IRIS’ e-health cards for both patients and healthcare professionals enables fast secure identification, reduces paperwork and cost.