IRIS is certified by EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa) to personalise credit/debit card for financial institutions. In addition numerous payment solutions, IRIS in a joint venture with Global Blue, have the know-how, financing and operations expertise which allows for the business of GST (Government Service Tax) refund services – a GST solution that enables retailers across the country to provide world class Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) – from in-store purchase to export validation at the airport and refund payment. We also have vast experience in the deployment and integration of AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) System for transit, bus and other public transportation.


Payment Cards: EMV Accreditation

Loyalty & Membership Cards

With accreditation from EMV, IRIS offers secure high-quality EMV card manufacturing and personalisation in Malaysia. Along with experience in high volume smart card orders, we are able to provide the highest quality payment cards used by banks and financial institutions: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express chip debit or credit cards, PayPass and VisaWave cards, and ATM cards, all of which are ISO 9001:2000 compliant, secure and globally certified.


Clever use of cards in membership clubs, retail stores, hotels and restaurants go well beyond simple membership identification. Loyalty schemes drive retention of existing members and promotional schemes encourage members to refer friends and colleagues. By integrating loyalty and membership cards with payment, financial institutions can unlock a wealth of data on what members want to do, and drive customer communication programs.


eWallet Solution

Automated Fare Collection (AFC)

IRIS eWallet solution can turn any smartphone into a secure interactive application that makes the world of payment, vouchers, coupons, and loyalty cards easier, faster and more rewarding. The eWallet utilises NFC technology that link the users’ bank account to their smartphone which users can then use to make micropayments. They might also have their driver’s license, health card, loyalty card(s) and other ID documents stored on the phone.


In response to the needs of transport operators to skillfully manage multi-modal and multi-operator, interoperable public transportation projects, IRIS offers reliable, integrated and multi-modal ticketing solutions that can be adapted for different projects. We provide comprehensive transportation systems that include cutting edge software, ticket/token vending kiosks, contact/contactless smart cards and readers. Secure and reliable, our AFC solution can help to safeguard transit operators against ticket fraud and improve profitability immediately.


Passenger & Baggage Verification System (PBVS)

IRIS PBVS is a solution that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness in boarding passengers to the aircraft and help manage passenger’s baggage. IRIS PBVS provides automatic verification against passport and boarding pass to enhance airport security and passenger experience by automating the process and eliminating manual verification. In addition to mitigating unauthorised passengers from boarding, this solution also automatically generates a total baggage weight and quantity report.