Bluetooth Biometric Card Reader [with optional NFC(MBCR200BF)]

• EMV 4.0 L1 certified
• ISO 7816 Class A,B,C
• FIPS 201 compliance
• FBI PIV IQS certification (E2 model), FCC, CE, RoHS

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Product Description
Compact and robust, this wireless Bluetooth biometric card reader, MBCR200B, is made ready for the fast pace digital environment today. Its familiar form factor fits in the palm comfortably and its Bluetooth capability and built in battery eliminates the need for cables when reading and authenticating identity and fingerprint.


• Clutter free product as in connects directly to the phone via Bluetooth and has it’s own internal battery
• Hassle free to bring around for out of office or event usage as it is light and robust
• Wide range of usage (Health, Government, Enterprise and etc.)


• Home Shopping Payment
• Banks (Identity Verification)
• General Identity Verification