Trusted National Identification

As a highly responsive and capable manufacturer, our one-stop manufacturing hub transforms raw material and parts into functioning smart media for identification purposes. Our expertise in the manufacture of secure documents is evident in the broad range of ID  and Passport products  delivered  to  customers  since  1998  through  to  the  present  day. We provide our customers a complete end-to-end trusted identification solution that is highly customisable to best fulfil the our customer’s requirements.

  ePassport Products

Electronic Inlay

Uniquely designed inlay in layers of durable and versatile material that lasts.


Electronic Inlay with Book Cover

Tailor-made electronic cover enabling good compatibility with all passport book making machines.


Electronic Polycarbonate (PC) Data Page

Laserable Polycarbonate (PC) data page for better protection and durability.


Electronic Label

Instantly upgrade traditional passport to become an ICAO compliant ePassport.