Software Solutions

We bring to you a  host  of  ready-made  software  applications  dedicated  for  national  ID as well as electronic passport projects.  These applications are built according to a typical eIDs or ePassports system business process flow,   such   as   registration,   document   proofing,   personalisation,   issuance,   enforcement, operations and administration.  These can be customised to any requirements with little effort in a well-practiced manner.  This approach will translate to tremendous savings in terms of minimum development costs and optimised project timeline.

Our relentless pursuit of unconventional yet strategic ideas has enabled us to consistently offer premier end-to-end solutions that meet the unique expectations of every customer.

  IRIS Software Solutions

Total National ID solution

Comprehensive national eID card lifecycle management system.  


Total ePassport Solution

Comprehensive ePassport lifecycle management system.


Total Border Control Solution

Smart border control management system for air, land and sea ports.


Total Driving License Solution

Efficient driving license, vehicle registration and road tax solution.


Total Election & Voting Solution

Transparent and error-free election and electronic voting system.


Total Visa Solution

Efficient and reliable electronic visa issuance and management system.


Total ePayment Solution

Convenient and fast solution that enables secure transactions for electronic and mobile payments.


Total Subsidy Solution

Multi-dimensional government subsidy solution for delivering the right aid to the right people.


Automated Fare Collection Solution

Proven intelligent solution for addressing system-wide requirements and demands for public transportation.


Instant authentication of certificates

Solution that allows immediate verification of certificate authencity


Passenger & Baggage Verification Solution

Solution that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness in passengers and baggage facilitation and reconciliation management.