Smart Devices

As a pioneer in the field of electronic passports and smart cards, IRIS has accumulated a wealth of experiences gained from developing innovative and technologically-advanced smart devices which is an integrated component of our end-to-end solution delivery.

The IRIS hardware team has consistently designed and developed a range of smart card terminals  and  readers  which  may  range  from  a  simple  reader,  to  an  integrated fingerprint  scanner  with  a  card  reader,  to  a  multi-application  handheld  terminal, kiosk or automatic border control gate with both contact and contactless card reader   capabilities to suit a range of applications and customers' security and identification needs.


  Desktop Smart Card Readers

Desktop Smart Card Reader

An entry level, compact, reliable and effective smart card reader/writer.


  Biometric Card Readers

Biometric Card Reader

A single, easy to use biometric card reader offering an added level of security via Secure Access Module (SAM).


Biometric Card Reader with Bluetooth

Instant fingerprint verification that works in tandem with mobile devices via Bluetooth.


Biometric Card Reader with Contact & Contactless Reader

A secure, economically designed biometric reader that reads both contact and contactless smart cards.

  Passport Readers

Contactless Card / Passport Reader

Compact contactless reader supporting major international standard for seamless reading.


Passport Reader with MRZ

Contactless reader with integrated MRZ reader for fast reading of ICAO compliant travel documents.


  Passport Scanners

Passport scanner

A compact and easy to use travel document scanner that captures full colour or greyscale images.


Passport Scanner with RFID Reader

An all-in-one document scanner and reader that efficiently reads visual data page and chip in one single scan.


Passport Reader with Touch Screen

First compact stand-alone document reader that is equipped with touch screen.


  Handheld Terminals

Ruggedised Smart Terminal
ST5 Series

Rugged, multifunction and mobile smart terminals for reading and verifying identity documents


Intelligent ePassport Terminal

An intelligent, multifunction mobile terminal for authenticating identity and travel documents.


Mobile Tablet

Perfect solution for efficient and reliable operation to identify, verify and authenticate secure documents.  



With our self check-in kiosk, travellers experience shorter waiting times, less congestion, and faster processing. Instead of going through the manual immigration counter check, eligible passengers can proceed directly to the kiosks in the passport control area whether at arrival or departure gates whilst maintains the highest levels of protection when it comes to the handling of personal data or information. 

From concept to completion, we specialise in design, fabrication, assembly and integration of self-service kiosks.  We design and manufacture standard kiosk designs ranging from small form factor units to larger kiosks that support multiple applications and many devices in a single unit.


Self Check-in Kiosk

Convenient way to check-in whether at arrival or departure gates with ePassport.


  Mobile Units

Our MEU is the next generation mobile solution designed specifically for data enrolment, combining high level security and state-of-the-art solutions for countries that need to enrol their citizen, particularly the registration of smart card applications, biometrics enrolment and verification at remote locations.

The MEU can be easily set up and be ready for use in minutes. Each unit is equipped with a complete mobile data capture system, which includes the capabilities of a high performance smart card reader, a digital camera, a fingerprint scanner, and a laptop; with an integrated USB hub and a battery pack charger.


Mobile Enrolment Unit

The right solution for usage in any temporary installation or remote locations.


  Smart eGates

The world’s first eGates, which we have designed and developed, have been successfully launched and implemented since August 2000 at all entries and exits throughout Malaysia. The newly introduced border control system enables fast immigration processing for the travellers in airports, seaports and border crossings.

To meet global demands, we have further achieved notable milestones in reinventing and conceptualising modern needs and technological advancement into our latest Smart eGates, which are fully automated and comes highly equipped with all the basic specifications besides optional features of pre-read and pre-screening modules, which makes this model unique and high in demand.


Automated Immigration Clearance System

Automated self-boarding security lane to better screening while ensuring fast and smooth immigration clearance.