IRIS KOTO Industrialised Building Systems

IRIS KOTO IBS is a high speed, fully integrated building system - with pre-fabricated lightweight panels for all parts of the building, including the foundation, walls, ceiling, roofing, columns, and beams. Yet, the system is fully flexible to accommodate third party components.

Made from fire retardant, rigid cellular insulation, and fibre-reinforced mineral composite, IRIS KOTO panels provide great insulation for maintaining indoor temperatures. The IRIS KOTO panels can also be used to build fire safe pods, a modular room size vault that’s fire proof.

IRIS KOTO IBS demonstrates faster, safer, easier and better ways to build homes and structures that are both green and energy-efficient. The building system also requires minimal tools and does not rely on skilled labour.

Our green building solutions:

  • Environmentally friendly and earthquake-ready
  • Suitable for both affordable and up-market housing, commercial buildings, high-rises, schools, and many more
  • All building components are manufactured at high speed on a continuous processing line
  • Simplify construction using pre-fabricated, integrated panels
  • Reduces reliance on concrete, steel and timber
  • Help to reduce carbon footprints in construction