IRIS Food & Agro Technology

IRIS is committed to providing ground-breaking solutions and methods that improve productivity and efficiency, and contributing to food security as world food production systems strain to meet an increasing world population.

At the same time, we seek to enhance biodiversity and improve increasingly fragile environments weathered by climate change, scarcity of labour, depleting water resources and shrinking agricultural land banks.

IRIS AutoPot SystemsTM is a brilliantly designed, efficient and environmentally friendly container growing system that leap-frogs conventional fertilisation and irrigation (fertigation) methods. Key to IRIS AutoPot Systems’TM composition and success is the SmartValve which automatically waters and feeds plants on demand.

As an eco-friendly fertigation system, IRIS AutoPot SystemsTM allows sustainable and consistent crop cultivation. Additionally, the fact that this system requires no media for cultivation means crops are not exposed to soil borne diseases.

Our food security solutions:

  • IRIS AutoPot Systems is a high tech, plant-driven fertigation farming method
  • Take agriculture to places previously thought impossible such as non-productive or marginal land and building rooftops
  • Environmentally friendly farming with zero run-off and zero water wastage
  • Automate and simplify farming on a commercial scale
  • IRIS Integrated Farming combines IRIS AutoPot Systems with Aquaponics and Orcharding with Animal Husbandry
  • IRIS Integrated Farming Methodology in practice in Project Rimbunan Kaseh